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I am a Quilt Appraiser certified by the American Quilter's Society and a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles (PAAQT).

Each appraisal is a written appraisal and may be used for insurance, fair market or donation purposes.

It is very important to have a quilt appraised because, if it is lost or damaged most insurance companies will compensate the owner only for the price of a blanket, perhaps only $50.00.

With the written appraisal by a certified appraiser, the value of the quilt is documented and usually accepted by your insurance company without question.

If you have a quilt that you would like appraised, please submit an appraisal request. I will contact you to make arrangements for an appointment.

The cost of an appraisal is typically $50.00 for each quilt.

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Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles (PAAQT)

Appraisal Request

If you would like a quilt appraised, please fill out an appraisal request form. (click the button below)

If you have multiple quilts, please submit a form for each quilt.